Castle for Sale: Château de Picquigny

Castle for Sale: Château de Picquigny

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Château de Picquigny
Northern France
Asking Price: €290 000

The picturesque ruins of this castle was has some important medieval history behind it. The castle dates back to the 11th century, but may have existed as early as the 9th century.

Picquigny is where Duke William I of Normandy met with Count Arnulf I of Flanders in the year 942, to sign a peace treaty, but which ended with the Norman duke being assassinated by Arnulf’s men. In 1307 a number of Templars from nearby town of Amiens were taken prisoner by the Lord of Picquigny, as part of King Phillip IV’s purge of the order, and imprisoned in the castle. You can still see some graffiti left behind by these captives. In 1470 Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy marched his troops to the town, intending to build a bridge across the river. He was able to repulse an attack by 400 to 500 archers and then captured the castle after a siege of two or three days. Picquigny is also the site where a treaty was negotiated between the kings of England and France to formally end the Hundred Years’ War.

Château de Picquigny would be rebuilt and redesigned between the 14th and 17th centuries, but was abandoned after the French Revolution. It fell into ruins, and was severely damaged during the First World War. Since the early 20th century efforts have been made to preserve and stabilize the castle. It is has been classified as an official historical site of France since 1906.

The castle is now a local tourist site, and has been used the home for a medieval festival since 2005, and has been recently been used as an escape room. .

The remaining part of the castle include some of its walls and doorways, vestiges of its kitchen, cellars, and prison, several stairways and underground passageways. A small church is also attached to the church.

Château de Picquigny is now on sale for the price of €290 000. The sale is being conducted by the realtor Patrice Basse, and they explain:

These ruins, filtering the daylight, stand on a hilltop. The initial feeling that they provoke is one of romance. These vestiges are, nevertheless, sufficiently numerous, eloquent and significant as to arouse curiosity and a hunger for knowledge, creating a desire to reconstitute the castle’s history. This site dominates its surroundings just as the lords’ once dominated the local population. It is well worthy of an ambition that ten centuries of trials and tribulations will not disappoint.

To learn more about the property and see more photos, please visit Patrice Basse.

Top Image: Photo by Pierre Poschadel / Wikimedia Commons

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