Call for Papers: Writing Contest on the History of Blood

Call for Papers: Writing Contest on the History of Blood

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Hektoen international is an online journal of medical humanities and invites you to send an essay of under 1600 words on the subject of blood.

The contest honors the achievements of the red cross, locally, nationally, and globally. We will consider essays on pioneers in hematology (such as herrick, minot, Murphy, whipple, and landsteiner); the history of venesection, barber surgeons, the use of leeches, and vampires; as well as historical aspects of blood transfusion, artificial blood, blood groups, blood preservation and blood banks, blood in surgery, blood diseases (pernicious anemia and liver extract, sickle-cell disease, thalassemia, leukemias, hemophilia, chlorosis and iron therapy), and the history and work of the red cross. The deadline for entires is January 15, 2020

First place will be awarded $3000

Runner up will be awarded $800

Submissions should be emailed to [email protected]

Please visit hekint.org for contest details, or download this PDF.

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