One Year Anniversary of The Five-Minute Medievalist Book

One Year Anniversary of The Five-Minute Medievalist Book

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“I’m so excited to announce that this Thursday, April 6th, marks the first anniversary of my little book, The Five-Minute Medievalist! I collected some of my most popular articles and wrote a couple of new ones (on quirky words we still use, and medieval sex lives) to give people the chance to have some fun information about the Middle Ages offline, and the chance to give and trade a paperback with others who may not (yet) know about Our Site. The Five-Minute Medievalist has made it to #2 on the Kindle Bestseller list, and now graces the shelves of the University of Toronto Bookstore. I couldn’t be more pleased!

“In order to thank-you, readers, for being a part of the journey, we gave away two signed copies of the book. Congratulations to Claudia and Rob!” ~ Danièle Cybulskie, aka The Five-Minute Medievalist

Funny, informative, and down-to-earth, this ebook features thirteen of the most popular articles from Medievalist.net’s Five-Minute Medievalist, Danièle Cybulskie. Readers will learn about everything from the Templars, to popular movie myths, to love and lust advice from a 12th-century priest. Exclusive content includes two never-before-published articles on quirky medieval words we still use every day, and the surprising sexual secrets of the Middle Ages. Unlock the mysteries of the medieval world, five minutes at a time.

“From crusading and warfare to medieval pies and sex tips, The Five-Minute Medievalist is a witty and very informative guide to the very best bits of the Middle Ages.” ~ Dan Jones, historian and BBC presenter

If you want to buy a copy of The Five-Minute Medievalist, please visit Danièle’s website or Amazon.com

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