The Medieval Magazine – Issue 30

The Medieval Magazine – Issue 30

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In this week’s issue of The Medieval Magazine you will find:

Medieval Pilgrimages: It’s All About the Journey

For medieval people, faith was more than just an abstract idea, it was tangible in the works they made to glorify God, and the relics they could see with their own eyes. An integral part of this tangible form of faith was the pilgrimage: a spiritual journey to visit a holy site.

5 Fun Facts About Robin Hood

Robin Hood has enthralled generations of readers and movie goers. This English outlaw-hero has become of symbol of freedom against tyranny, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. But who was Robin Hood? How much is grounded in myth and how much is reality?

Touching the Past: The Hand and the Medieval Book

Touching the Past: The Hand and the Medieval Book, now on view at the Getty Center, invites visitors to get in touch. Well, not literally since we’re discussing medieval manuscripts, but the exhibition wants viewers to consider the tactile side of books and manuscripts.

Historian says falsified medieval history helped create feminism

Through research into the first historians of medieval Europe, Stanford Professor Paula Findlen discovers that an interest in women’s history began much earlier than is assumed.

How a Medieval Bed Should Look Like

One of the most important pieces of a furniture in the medieval home was the bed – it would not only be the place to sleep and have sex, but also where one would give birth and often where people would have their last moments.

New Fight over the Battle of Northampton

Is a piece of land an important archaeological site from the Wars of the Roses, or just suited to be a parking lot?

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