What Remains of Richard? – play to take place at Bosworth this Saturday

What Remains of Richard? – play to take place at Bosworth this Saturday

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There’s still time to purchase tickets for a stage play on Saturday which seeks to bust the myths around the life and times of Richard III – and takes place near to the battlefield site where he lost his life.

What Remains of Richard? is being staged at Leicestershire County Council’s Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre on Saturday, March 28th from 1pm to 2.30pm with tickets priced at £10 and available by visiting www.bosworthbattlefield.com or by calling 01455 290429.

Brian Kennedy, head of lifelong learning at Leicestershire County Council, said: “The play is a myth-busting journey through six main accusations levelled at Richard III and it’s being put on inone of the marquees used for last weekend’s reinterment service.”

The play is by InterAct (Wales), a theatrical company which has long held an interest in Richard III. When his mortal remains were discovered in 2012 by archaeologists from the University of Leicester, the group says it was determined to bring their version of his life and times to the stage.

Artistic director Vivien Devereux said: “We’re incredibly excited to be given this once-in-a lifetime opportunity to perform What Remains of Richard? at Bosworth Battlefield and we have also been putting on performances for schoolchildren this week.”

To learn more, please visit www.whatremainsofrichard.com

James Beck's #RichardIII and @OliverByng in #WhatRemainsofRichard this Sat @ 1pm @BosworthLCC #richardreburied #RIIIP pic.twitter.com/zeZRbXj7vz

— InterAct (Wales) (@InterActWales) March 26, 2015

#RichardIII in #WhatRemainsofRichard @BosworthLCC come see the show Saturday at 1pm #richardreburied #RIIIP #KRIII pic.twitter.com/jNAQ60thwu

— InterAct (Wales) (@InterActWales) March 26, 2015

The wonderful cast of #WhatRemainsofRichard @BosworthLCC photography by @evolutionsphoto pic.twitter.com/4HkYy8iLt5

— InterAct (Wales) (@InterActWales) March 26, 2015

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