Old-Slavonic Sanctuaries in Czechia and Slovakia

Old-Slavonic Sanctuaries in Czechia and Slovakia

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Old-Slavonic Sanctuaries in Czechia and Slovakia

Turčan, Vladimír

Studia Mythologica Slavica 4 (2001)


Presented are: the catalogue of ancient sanctuaries of the Czechian and Slovakian Slavs discovered archaeologically, relations to the particular regions or tribal areas, the role of natural conditions by selecting the place for sanctuary build-up. The author makes comparisons of the ground-plans and geographical orientations. The interpretation of the preserved constructive elements is given. The evidences of fire and its signification in the religious ceremonies are discussed. The same was made for the ox as a cultic animal, for the finds of cultic sacrifices and gifts to the sanctuaries. The status of the “žrec” in the Old-Slavonic society is also discussed. The Old-Slavonic cult faded out at the time of Christianity.

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