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Indiana University is the state university of Indiana. It is headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, with seven other campuses in different parts of the state.Nearly 98,000 students from about 130 countries study on these campuses. The university employs nearly 15,000 persons.It is also an important revenue generator for the state. Its alliances with business, industry, and government have attracted development and economic growth for the state.Today, around 200,000 of the university’s alumni work in Indiana as physicians, optometrists, teachers, lawyers, and dentists.Indiana University made a humble beginning as a seminary school in 1822. The final name change, to Indiana University, was in June 1852.In 1867, Indiana University became the first university in the nation to admit women. It has become a leader in multidisciplinary research and education.It is also the largest source of teachers for the schools of Indiana. Apart from providing the teachers with education and training, the university has formed partnerships with various public schools and communities of the state.Indiana University has always maintained a policy of keeping in touch with the latest technologies and innovations. Currently 882 degree programs are offered here.Its Emerging Technologies Center plays a pivotal role in fostering new high-tech businesses and enterprises in central Indiana. Newer degree programs have been introduced to keep the students abreast with the cutting edge technologies of today and tomorrow.Indiana University is home to one of the largest university-owned supercomputers in the nation. These supercomputers are utilized in research programs related to astronomy, business, chemistry, economics, earth sciences, and physics.The campuses boast nearly 130 student technology centers, 4,000 personal computers, and various other facilities such as technical support, computer consulting, educational programming, free or low-cost software, and Web-based teaching and learning tools.The university is also noted for its research programs. In addition to being a leading education and research center, Indiana University is also noted for its art and culture.It houses a world-renowned School of Music. Cultural programs such as art exhibits, theater, dance, and opera are regular features on the university campuses.Indiana University encourages its staff and students to actively participate in community services. The Indiana University Medical Center in collaboration with various hospitals provided specialized healthcare to thousands of patients each year.The state’s residents are regularly treated at the university-operated eye care centers, dental clinics, and speech and hearing clinics.

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